MC Equestrian LLC offers:

  • Fun interactive private or small group riding lessons!

  • Professional Training in a variety of levels and disciplines!

  • Traveling Instructor service option to make it easy and convenient for you and your horse!

  • Custom Handmade Beading / Leatherwork!

  • Musical Freestyle Creation!

  • CHA Certification Workshops/Events/Coaching!

  • Coaching at shows or special events!

  • Teaching for a riding workshop or Clinic!

Riding Lessons

As a Certified Instructor, Marilyn has been offering SAFE, fun, and effective lessons since 2012. She is one of CHA's youngest to achieve Master Instructor status.


Lessons offered can be private or small group (4 riders). Generaly lessons are aproxmently 45 min long (saddle time) but can range up to one hr long. 

Professional Training

From an early age Marilyn has been offering professional training with huge success! She has earned numerous awards at the state, regional, and national level. 

Travels to you

Don't want to hassle with loading up your horse, and all your equipment to lessons? No problem! Marilyn can travel to your home or favorite riding location.

Freestyle Creation

Interested in creating a Musical Freestyle? Contact Marilyn and she can help you design your choreography and or mix your favorite music to match you and your dancing partner!  

Custom Handmade Beading / Leatherwork 

Would you like a Custom Handmade Beaded item for you? Or your pet?

Items available per ordering:
Browbands and Halters
Dog collars
Equestrian belts

Fun Show Judge

Marilyn always looks for way to educate the next generation of riders. Pictured here is Marilyn with three young future stars at their very first show at the 413 Ranch in southeast OK. Contact Marilyn if you would like to schedule her for a fun show!

CHA Coaching

Are you a CHA Instructor? Or are you interested in becoming certified? Would you like to prepare for testing to up your level but don’t know where to start? Let Marilyn help guide you! Marilyn offers couching sessions with your riders on what CHA Clinic Instructors are looking for in higher certifications. Contact Marilyn for details!